jeudi 28 mars 2024

[Release Blitz] War of the Mind by Dana Claire

 Hello tout le monde, j'ai adoré ce troisième tome, voici toutes les informations pour vous le procurer !!


Immense grief causes demigod Calli to do the unthinkable and use her powers to erase herself from the memories of her beloved Henrik. Calli rebuilds herself and her crew, only to be reunited with Henrick by order of the crown to stop Perseus and his accomplices before it’s too late. As remnants of their passion haunt their voyage, will their wounded hearts find their way back to each other, or will past choices stand in their way? Readers who love pirate adventures and Greek mythology with forced proximity and second-chance romances will want to devour Dana Claire’s new Young Adult Novel, War of the Mind.


His sacrifice could save humanity. Her revenge could turn it to stone.
When immense grief turns demigod Calli Bordeaux’s heart to vengeance, she does the
unthinkable. Using her powers, she erases herself from the memories of her beloved, Henrik, so
that he cannot join her hunt for the notorious pirate Captain Fredrick, Henrik’s savage father.
Shattered, Calli rebuilds herself and the crew of her parent’s ship to vanquish her enemy, only to
discover a piece of Henrik came with her after all.
Unaware that he lost the greatest love of his life, former pirate turned royal guard, Henrik, sets
out with Cava’s navy to find a woman the gods forsook and the humans fear. Medusa. Her
latest rampage of stony destruction is not mindless slaughter but self-preservation from pirate
assassins. The demi-god Perseus has put a bounty on her severed head, seeking the power it
possesses to slowly slaughter mankind.
United by order of the crown, Calli and Henrik must stop Perseus and his pirate accomplices
before it’s too late. Echoes of their past passion haunt their voyage, tipping them into turmoil
when humanity needs them most. Can their wounded hearts find their way back to each other in
time? Or will the barriers constructed by past choices stand in the way as the world around them
turns to stone?
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About Dana Claire

Dana Claire is an award-winning author whose stories explore identity, fate, and destiny at the crossroads of romance and adventure. Her love of romantic tension, the supernatural, and non-stop action has elicited positive feedback from many readers, as their online reviews reveal her flair for spine-tingling action and unforgettable characters. Dana is now sharing her stories through speaking events and book signings, introducing more readers to the worlds she created. She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her adoring husband living her dreams: writing books, telling stories, and changing the world, one reader at a time.

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